Top 20 Best Multiplayer Games for 3d

The Nintendo 3DS, with its dual-screen display and innovative gameplay mechanics, has undeniably transformed handheld gaming. While its rich library boasts a myriad of titles across genres, the realm of multiplayer gaming on this platform is where the true magic unfolds.

Engaging in virtual battles, embarking on cooperative quests, or simply competing in friendly races – the 3DS offers a diverse multiplayer experience like no other. Let’s delve into the top 20 multiplayer games that have defined, enriched, and elevated the 3DS gaming journey for players worldwide.”

Top 20 Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Final Fantasy Explorers:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Square Enix, a household name in the RPG genre, delved into a new gaming realm with Final Fantasy Explorers, seemingly taking inspiration from the Monster Hunter series. This game offers players an opportunity to traverse wild, beautifully rendered landscapes inhabited by monsters familiar to any Final Fantasy aficionado.

Unlike other traditional entries in the Final Fantasy series, Explorers emphasizes cooperative play. Central to this is the expansive customization options. Players aren’t just limited to preset characters; they can intricately mold their heroes based on different job roles, which in turn influences their combat tactics.

While many will draw parallels with Monster Hunter, the quintessential Final Fantasy elements ensure Explorers stands tall with its distinct identity in the JRPG universe.

Minecraft for 3DS:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Minecraft’s global appeal is indisputable. However, when it transitioned to the 3DS, certain adjustments were necessary to suit the platform. Due to the 3DS’s hardware constraints, players observed reduced graphical fidelity and some alterations to control responsiveness, slightly diminishing the boundless feeling typically associated with Minecraft.

Nevertheless, at its heart, Minecraft on the 3DS remains true to its essence. Players can still construct vast worlds, craft items, and engage in multiplayer ventures. While certain purists may find the changes a tad jarring, many appreciate the convenience of having Minecraft’s sandbox charm in a portable format.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

With Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Nintendo showcased its adeptness at breathing fresh life into classics. A faithful recreation of the original Wii version, this game brings back the dynamic duo of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in a high-octane adventure. Players are treated to a medley of meticulously crafted levels that test and delight their platforming prowess.

Beyond the single-player narrative, a notable feature is the local co-op mode. This mode not only doubles the fun but also allows for shared strategic gameplay as friends join forces to navigate through the game’s intricate challenges.

Terraria for 3DS:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Terraria, celebrated for its sandbox adventures, finds a commendable iteration on the 3DS. This version manages to capture the vastness and creative freedom of the original, ensuring that players have a substantial world to carve out and an exhaustive crafting mechanism at their disposal.

One of the standout alterations for the 3DS is the integration of touch screen controls. This addition simplifies processes like inventory sorting and swift map navigation. However, there’s a slight caveat; the game supports only local multiplayer for limited players.

While this might not resonate with fans used to more extensive multiplayer engagements on other platforms, the core experience remains as engrossing as ever.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Diving into a rhythm-centric gameplay, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call offers a melodious tribute to the illustrious Final Fantasy series. But it’s not just a rhythm game; it’s a journey through the rich musical tapestry of the series.

Players have access to an extensive array of songs, spanning not just the mainline titles but also some lesser-known spin-offs. The game mechanics are intuitive yet challenging, catering to both newcomers and rhythm game veterans.

Multiple difficulty tiers and diverse multiplayer avenues further enrich the experience. It’s not just about tapping in tune but also reliving the musical milestones that have defined the Final Fantasy saga over the decades.

Star Fox 64 3D:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

A modern reimagination of the classic Nintendo 64 title, Star Fox 64 3D provides players with a nostalgic yet fresh on-rails shooting experience. Leveraging the 3DS’s capabilities, the game offers enhanced controls, ensuring both veterans and newcomers find fluidity in gameplay.

Beyond its campaign, the game’s multiplayer modes bring together friends in aerial dogfights, showcasing both competitive and cooperative gameplay elements. The rejuvenated graphics and sound design further immerse players, making Star Fox 64 3D a definitive version of this classic.

Mario Party Star Rush:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Mario Party Star Rush represents a dynamic evolution in the long-standing Mario Party series. Recognizing the need for brisker and more engaging gameplay, this title prioritizes rapid gameplay and greater freedom in player movement. This ensures each multiplayer session remains lively and unpredictable.

By eliminating the slower elements that hindered its predecessors and incorporating novel mini-games, Star Rush guarantees hours of competitive fun, making it a vital addition to any 3DS multiplayer collection.

Mario Tennis Open:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Marrying the whimsical world of Mario with the finesse of tennis, Mario Tennis Open serves as an engaging sports title on the 3DS. Rather than a simple arcade tennis experience, this game demands skill and strategy. Players must navigate between solo tournaments and multiplayer matches, each offering unique challenges.

The incorporation of distinct power-ups and character abilities unique to the Mario universe adds depth and strategy, ensuring that each match remains as unpredictable as it is fun.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Breaking away from the tried-and-true formula of its predecessors, Metroid Prime: Federation Force offers a distinct co-op experience. Eliminating the series’ protagonist, Samus Aran, was a daring move. The game instead places emphasis on team-based missions, demanding cooperation and coordination.

While this deviation was met with mixed reactions, for those who find a squad of friends to dive in with, Federation Force provides an exhilarating and challenging multiplayer journey in the Metroid universe.

Tetris Axis:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Tetris Axis showcases the timeless nature of the Tetris franchise, merging classic gameplay with inventive new modes. While veterans can indulge in the beloved Marathon Mode, newer models like Stage Racer reinvent the traditional gameplay, providing fresh challenges.

Its multiplayer experience, accommodating up to eight players, is where the game truly shines. From competitive matches to cooperative challenges, Tetris Axis proves that, decades later, the game remains as captivating as ever.

Kid Icarus: Uprising:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Reviving the beloved character Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising, this title stands as a testament to the 3DS’s innovative potential. The game artfully combines standard controls with the touch screen, providing an immersive gameplay experience.

Beyond its engrossing single-player campaign, the title’s multiplayer modes present a myriad of challenges, both cooperative and competitive. Whether diving into aerial battles or taking on ground challenges, Uprising offers a wealth of content, solidifying its position as a 3DS gem.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Serving as a musical medley of the series, Rhythm Heaven Megamix offers players a rhythmic adventure unlike any other. The game skillfully compiles the best tracks from its predecessors, introducing players to a diverse array of tunes.

With its intuitive yet challenging gameplay mechanics, players find themselves tapping and swiping to the beat, eager to master each track. The Challenge Train, a local multiplayer mode, further amps up the fun, presenting assorted courses that promise endless hours of rhythmic enjoyment.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Stepping into the limelight, Luigi embarks on a ghostly adventure in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Combining puzzle-solving with ghost hunting, the game offers a riveting single-player campaign. However, its true charm lies in its multiplayer mode.

Players can band together to explore the haunted expanses of the mansion, collaborating to solve intricate puzzles and battle spectral foes. The blend of strategy and action ensures that Dark Moon remains a multiplayer favorite on the 3DS.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition:

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

Translating the visceral action of Street Fighter onto the 3DS, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition stands as a technical marvel. While the core fighting mechanics and extensive roster mirror its console counterparts, the 3DS touch screen introduces a new dimension to battles.

Players can execute special moves with a simple tap, adding a layer of strategy to each duel. With these nuanced controls and a bustling online community, the game offers an unmatched portable fighting experience. 

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

In “Kirby: Planet Robobot,” the classic puffball hero returns but with a fresh and dynamic twist – the introduction of a powerful mech. The standard platforming adventures of Kirby are amplified as players can now hop into a mechanized suit, enabling them to tackle obstacles and enemies with amplified power.

This not only diversifies the gameplay but also brings in a novel strategy element. Moreover, the addition of “Team Kirby Clash” as a multiplayer mode ensures that players can team up, enhancing cooperative play, and strategizing together to defeat towering bosses. The blend of traditional Kirby charm and new mechanized gameplay makes this title a must-have for multiplayer enthusiasts on the 3DS.

Pokemon X & Y

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

The Pokemon franchise underwent a groundbreaking evolution with the release of “Pokemon X & Y.” While players continue to catch, train, and battle with Pokemon, these editions emphasized enhanced multiplayer interactions.

The online features, such as the Player Search System, make trading, battling, and even simple interactions like O-Powers and Holo Caster messages more intuitive and accessible. Moreover, the introduction of Mega Evolutions added a new dimension to battles, redefining strategies.

The advancements in these editions signify the steps the series has taken in modernizing the Pokemon multiplayer experience, making it more interconnected and interactive.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” isn’t just a game; it’s a living, breathing world where players, for the first time, take on the role of the town mayor. This role introduces an unparalleled level of customization, allowing players to shape the town’s development, from infrastructure projects to town ordinances.

The game continues to thrive on its real-time life simulation mechanics where players engage in activities, build relationships with animal villagers, and experience seasons and events. The multiplayer aspect is equally charming.

Players can open their town gates for friends, visit others, or even dream of distant towns. Sharing, exploring, and even competing in island mini-games make the multiplayer experience in New Leaf rich and memorable.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

The “Monster Hunter” series is renowned for demanding high levels of skill, strategy, and teamwork, and “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” is no exception. This installment dives deeper into the hunting lore, introducing vertical landscapes and allowing players to mount monsters.

The addition of new monsters, each integrated into their unique environments, offers fresh challenges and requires evolving strategies. The game encourages cooperative multiplayer, where hunters must synchronize their tactics to take down gargantuan creatures.

Despite the daunting learning curve, the thrill of teaming up and achieving that monumental hunt makes the journey worthwhile.

Mario Kart 7

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

“Mario Kart 7” drives players into a world of exhilarating racing, encapsulating the essence of fun. Building on its iconic predecessors, this installment introduces underwater racing, hang gliding, and a more detailed kart customization system.

The track designs are innovative, incorporating dynamic elements and alternate routes that keep races unpredictable. The online multiplayer component is where Mario Kart 7 truly shines. Players can compete with racers worldwide, participate in communities, and even race against ghost data, making each race a unique challenge.

The thrill of securing that first position, especially against global competitors, is unmatched.

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS

Best Multiplayer Games for 3ds

The “Super Smash Bros” series made its triumphant debut on a handheld device with this edition. Packed with a plethora of fighters, stages, and game modes, players can indulge in frenzied battles anytime, anywhere.

While the core fighting mechanics remain, the 3DS version introduces exclusive stages and the Smash Run mode. One of its crowning jewels is its multiplayer capability. Whether it’s a local skirmish or an online brawl against global players, the fast-paced action ensures that players are always on their toes.

And while it shares many traits with its Wii U sibling, the portability of this version makes smashing on-the-go a dream come true for fans.


What is the unique feature of “Kirby: Planet Robobot” on 3DS?

“Kirby: Planet Robobot” on the 3DS stands out due to the integration of a controllable mech for Kirby. This isn’t just a cosmetic addition; it fundamentally changes the gameplay. With the mech, Kirby gains additional powers and abilities, providing a fresh spin to the traditional platforming that fans are accustomed to. This not only revitalizes the gameplay but also offers players new tactics to overcome challenges.

How did “Pokemon X & Y” revolutionize the Pokémon series for multiplayer interactions?

Evolution in “Pokemon X & Y”: “Pokemon X & Y” set a benchmark for the series in terms of multiplayer interactions. The game made substantial strides in streamlining online interactions. Trading and battling with other players became easier, more intuitive, and more interactive. Additionally, the introduction of Mega Evolutions, where certain Pokémon could transform mid-battle to a more powerful form, added a new layer of strategy and dynamics to battles, reshaping the competitive scene.

What role does a player assume in “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf” gave players an elevated sense of responsibility by making them the mayor of their virtual town. This wasn’t just a titular role; as mayor, players had significant influence over the town’s development, from infrastructural projects to setting town rules. This added layer of control, combined with the game’s traditional life simulation mechanics, created a deeply immersive and personalized experience.

How does “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” diversify its gameplay from previous titles?

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” broke away from its predecessors by introducing verticality to its environments. This meant players weren’t just navigating on a flat plane; they could climb up cliffs, jump off ledges, and even mount monsters for a dynamic combat experience. Additionally, the game brought in a range of new monsters, each deeply influenced by and integrated into their habitats, challenging players to adapt and evolve their hunting strategies.

What new racing mechanics were introduced in “Mario Kart 7”?

Mario Kart 7″ injected freshness into the iconic racing series with the introduction of underwater racing segments and hang gliding. These segments altered race strategies as players had to master new controls and adapt to changing terrains. Furthermore, the game deepened its kart customization options, allowing players to tweak their vehicles’ performance, aesthetics, and handling, complemented by creatively designed racetracks.

Are there any exclusive features in the “Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS” compared to its Wii U counterpart?

While “Super Smash Bros.” for both 3DS and Wii U shared a core gameplay experience, the 3DS version carved its niche. The handheld version came with stages exclusive to the platform, inspired by popular Nintendo handheld games. Moreover, it introduced “Smash Run”, a mode where players navigate a vast map, fight enemies, collect power-ups, and then compete in a final battle. This mode was designed specifically for short, on-the-go play sessions, making it a perfect fit for the handheld’s portability.


Multiplayer gaming on the 3DS offers a plethora of exciting experiences for gamers of all ages. Players can engage in thrilling battles, cooperative adventures, and engaging competitions with the multitude of popular titles available.

From exploring new worlds with friends to testing skills against online opponents, the 3DS offers endless opportunities to enhance the multiplayer gaming experience. By uncovering the finest gaming delights available and applying tips on enhancing multiplayer gameplay, readers can experience the full potential of their 3DS console.

So gather your friends, charge up your handheld, and embark on an unforgettable multiplayer gaming journey on the 3DS!

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