What Are the Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

What Are the Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Are you ready to take your GTA 5 gaming experience to the next level? If you’re looking to unlock special weapons, vehicles, and abilities that will revolutionize your gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will provide you with the essential cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360 that will give you an edge in the game.

Whether you’re looking to increase your arsenal, unlock new vehicles, or gain invincibility, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to dominate GTA 5 with these invaluable cheat codes at your disposal.

What Are the Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Key Takeaways:

  • Cheat codes provide various in-game advantages: GTA 5 cheat codes on Xbox 360 can grant players advantages such as invincibility, weapons and ammo, spawn vehicles, and alter the in-game environment.
  • Entering cheat codes may disable achievements: Using cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360 may disable the ability to earn achievements and trophies during that gaming session. It’s recommended to use them sparingly if you’re aiming to complete achievements.
  • Cheat codes are entered using the controller: To activate cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360, players need to input specific button combinations using the controller. These codes can be entered while playing the game, pausing the game, or via the in-game cell phone.

List of Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360

Enjoy an arsenal of cheat codes to enhance your gameplay experience in GTA 5 on Xbox 360. Whether you’re seeking firepower, vehicular mayhem, or a touch of invincibility, these codes add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Master the art of cheat code activation and unlock a world of possibilities as you navigate the streets of Los Santos and beyond.

  1. Buzzard Helicopter Attack: B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
  2. Change Weather: RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X
  3. Drunk Mode: Y, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, LEFT
  4. Explosive Bullets: RIGHT, X, A, LEFT, RB, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LB, LB, LB
  5. Explosive Melee Attacks: RIGHT, LEFT, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT
  6. Fast Run: Y, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LT, LB, X
  8. Flaming Bullets: LB, RB, X, RB, LEFT, RT, RB, LEFT, X, RIGHT, LB, LB
  9. Give Parachute: LEFT, RIGHT, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LB
  10. Give Weapons and Max Ammo: Y, RT, LEFT, LB, A, RIGHT, Y, DOWN, X, LB, LB, LB
  11. Invincibility (5 minute duration): RIGHT, A, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RB, RIGHT, LEFT, A, Y
  12. Lower Wanted Level: RB, RB, B, RT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
  13. Max Health and Armor: B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, RIGHT, X, LB, LB, LB
  14. Moon Gravity: LEFT, LEFT, LB, RB, LB, RIGHT, LEFT, LB, LEFT
  15. Raise Wanted Level: RB, RB, B, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  16. Recharge Ability: A, A, X, RB, LB, A, RIGHT, LEFT, A
  17. Sliding Cars: Y, RB, RB, LEFT, RB, LB, RT, LB
  18. Slow Motion: Y, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, X, RT, RB
  19. Slow-Mo Aim: X, LT, RB, Y, LEFT, X, LT, RIGHT, A

Vehicle Cheat Codes

Assuming you’re looking to spice up your gameplay in GTA 5 on Xbox 360, cheat codes can provide an extra layer of fun and excitement. With the right codes, you can spawn various vehicles to enhance your driving, flying, and sailing experiences in the game. Here are the cheat codes you need to know to get your hands on some of the coolest vehicles in GTA 5.

Cars and Motorcycles

When it comes to cars and motorcycles, there are several cheat codes you can use to spawn these vehicles at your location. Whether you’re in need of speed, armor, or just want to cruise around in style, these codes have got you covered. One of the most popular vehicle cheat codes is for the Comet, a sleek and fast sports car.

With the cheat code, you can spawn this beauty instantly and hit the streets in style and speed. Additionally, if motorcycles are more your speed, you can also spawn the Sanchez, a versatile dirt bike that will allow you to navigate rough terrain with ease and agility.

Aircraft and Boats

If you’re looking to take to the skies or hit the high seas, there are cheat codes available for spawning aircraft and boats as well. One of the most sought-after aircraft cheat codes is for the Buzzard Attack Helicopter. This powerful and heavily armed chopper will give you the advantage in aerial combat and allow you to traverse the skies with speed and firepower.

On the other hand, if you prefer maritime adventures, you can use the cheat code to summon the Kraken Submarine. This imposing and stealthy vessel will grant you access to the depths of the ocean and enable you to explore underwater locations with ease and precision.

Player Enhancement Cheats

What Are the Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Obviously, everyone loves a power boost in a game, and GTA 5 has some pretty incredible cheat codes that can enhance your player in various ways. Whether it’s boosting your health and armor or unlocking powerful weapons and ammunition, these cheats can give you a serious advantage in the game.

Health and Armor Boosts

If you find yourself in a particularly sticky situation in GTA 5 and need some extra protection, there are cheat codes that can give you a boost to both your health and armor. By entering the right combination of buttons, you can instantly recover your health and armor, allowing you to withstand more damage from enemies.

This can be incredibly useful, especially during intense firefights or when you’re in a tough spot during a mission. The ability to quickly top up your health and armor can mean the difference between success and failure in the game, so make sure to remember these codes when you need them the most.

Weapon and Ammunition Codes

When you’re faced with a group of enemies or taking on a particularly challenging mission, having access to powerful weapons and plenty of ammunition can make all the difference. Luckily, GTA 5 has cheat codes that allow you to instantly unlock a range of weapons, from handguns to heavy artillery, as well as max out your ammunition supplies.

This means you’ll always be armed and ready for anything the game throws at you. With the ability to instantly access a cache of powerful weapons, you’ll be able to take on even the most dangerous enemies and missions with ease.

Environment and Gameplay Cheats

Not only can cheats enhance your gameplay experience in GTA 5 on Xbox 360, but they can also drastically change the environment in the game, making it even more exciting and unpredictable. Whether you want to manipulate the weather or modify your character’s skills, there are cheat codes available to give you the upper hand in the game.

Weather and World Effects

By entering certain cheat codes, you can change the weather and world effects in GTA 5. For example, you can make it rain, clear the skies, or even spawn a storm with just a few button combinations.

These weather changes can not only affect the aesthetics of the game but also impact your gameplay by influencing visibility, driving conditions, and the behavior of NPCs.

Whether you want to add some drama to your gameplay or simply customize the environment to suit your style, these cheats can help you do just that.

Skill and Stat Modifiers

Using cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360, you can modify your character’s skills and stats to your advantage. Whether you want to improve your character’s agility, strength, or shooting accuracy, there are cheat codes that can instantly boost these attributes.

This can make missions and challenges easier to conquer, as well as enhance your overall gaming experience. However, using these cheats can also affect the overall difficulty and balance of the game, so it’s important to use them responsibly and in moderation.

Miscellaneous Cheats

What Are the Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Despite the abundance of other cheat codes available in GTA 5, there are a few that don’t fit neatly into categories. These codes can help with various aspects of gameplay, from changing the weather to spawning vehicles. Here are some miscellaneous cheats that you can use to enhance your gaming experience.

Fun and Novelty Codes

If you want to add some extra fun to your GTA 5 experience, there are novelty cheat codes that can do just that. For example, you can activate the moon gravity cheat, which reduces the gravity for all vehicles and characters, allowing for some truly hilarious stunts and jumps.

In addition, you can use the drunk mode cheat to make your character stumble around and have a wacky time. These codes may not directly impact gameplay, but they can certainly make for some entertaining moments in the game.

Wanted Level Adjustments

Dealing with law enforcement in GTA 5 can be quite a challenge, but with the wanted level adjustment cheats, you can gain some control over the situation. Lowering your wanted level with a cheat code can help you evade the police and carry out your missions more effectively.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a high-stakes challenge, you can raise your wanted level with another cheat code, leading to intense police chases that will test your skills to the limit.


What are cheat codes and how do they work in GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360 are specific combinations of buttons or phrases that, when entered, provide the player with various in-game advantages such as weapons, vehicles, or invincibility.

These codes are entered using the controller while playing the game, and once activated, they cannot be undone without restarting the game. It’s important to note that using cheat codes can prevent the player from unlocking certain achievements or trophies.

Where can I find a list of cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

There are numerous websites and forums where you can find a comprehensive list of cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360. Additionally, the game’s official strategy guide or manual will often include a section dedicated to cheat codes. It’s important to verify the source of the cheat codes to ensure their accuracy and legitimacy, as entering incorrect codes can have unintended consequences in the game.

How do I enter cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

To enter cheat codes in GTA 5 on Xbox 360, simply pause the game and enter the desired code using the controller. Once the code has been entered, a notification will appear on screen confirming its activation. Some cheat codes may require specific sequences of buttons or phrases to be entered, so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. After entering a cheat code, be sure to resume the game to experience its effects.


Hence, knowing the cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360 can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By accessing these cheat codes, you can unlock special abilities, vehicles, and other useful tools that can help you navigate the game more effectively.

Additionally, understanding these cheat codes can add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game, allowing you to explore different gameplay options and experiment with new strategies.

Overall, familiarizing yourself with the cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox 360 can significantly elevate your gaming experience and provide you with endless hours of entertainment.

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